The Grounds of Alexandria: Sydney’s Prettiest Venue

Sydney is overflowing with the best brunch spots, modern cafes and incredible restaurants; you really are spoilt for choice here! But there is one place that stands out from the rest – The Grounds of Alexandria – a cafe, a market, a bakery, a farm, a restaurant, a florist, a garden and a coffee shop all wrapped up into one beautiful place.

So let me take you through my morning at The Grounds of Alexandria

(…it’s a real treat for your eyes!)

As soon as you walk through the entrance you greeted by Instagram worthy scenes –  a gorgeous fountain, vintage gardens, beautiful seating areas, and walkways covered in vines – it is such a stunning place… but it’s also very, very busy, (busy wth people taking those Instagram photos!) But you can’t blame us…

The Grounds of Alexandria
Where shall we go...? @ The Grounds of Alexandria

There are a number of places to eat in The Grounds, depending on what time you get there. At the weekends, The Potting Shed (the restaurant) opens from 11.30-10pm and The Gardens (the courtyard takeaway area) is open 8am-3.45pm. The Cafe serves brunch and lunch, from 7.30am-4pm, but be prepared to wait! After arriving we headed straight to The Cafe, where we found a long queue of people waiting. Despite this, it took no time at all to be given our buzzer and told to come back when it went off, in around an hour. So we went to explore the grounds…

The Fountain @ The Grounds of Alexandria
The Grounds of Alexandria

We had no problem filling our hour long wait, and started by filling our empty stomachs! There are vintage-style carts selling wonderful snacks –  the most beautifully decorated pastries, Nutella and jam filled donuts, freshly made lemonade and fancy ice lollies. With some ‘Teamonade” and fresh strawberries, we sat in the sun, enjoyed the jazz music playing and took in the surroundings….

Lemonade Stand @ The Grounds of Alexandria
Fresh Strawberries @ The Grounds of Alexandria
Fresh Strawberries @ The Grounds of Alexandria

…followed by a wander through the independent market stalls – selling jewellery, accessories, chocolates etc and a visit to the amazing flower shop – the rainbow and cabbage roses were stunning!

Market Stalls @ The Grounds of Alexandria
Pretty Bouquets @ The Grounds of Alexandria
Rainbow Roses @ The Grounds of Alexandria

There was just time for a visit to Kevin Bacon’s house (the huge pig!) to see him and his chicken friends, a pit stop at the parrot before heading back to The Cafe for brunch!

Kevin Bacon @ The Grounds of Alexandria
Parrot @ The Grounds of Alexandria

By this point we had missed the breakfast menu, but thankfully, there were still brunch options on the lunch menu! I chose the Signature Avocado toast – which had not one but TWO types of avocado – smashed avo on sourdough, layered with slices of avo and tomato and topped with feta and pomegranate (I opted for a poached egg too!) Tom had the Burger, which he was also very happy with and we were tempted by a side of polenta chips (they looked awesome) but thought that might be a step too far…we regretted that choice! The coffee was great, we had the cappuccino and lattes, but the deconstructed iced coffee looked amazing! In fact the whole menu looked incredible, I think we will definitely be going again so we can sample some more. You can check out the menu here. The cafe also has a bakery and a patisserie inside where you can order pastries, cakes and loaves to go. We took home a white sourdough loaf, which was delicious.

Avo Toast @ The Grounds of Alexandria
Coffee Heaven @ The Grounds of Alexandria
Sourdough from the bakery @ The Grounds of Alexandria

The Grounds of Alexandria were completely and utterly everything I love, so I had a great time… but it was very busy. We arrived around 11am, so if you want to avoid the rush, make sure you get there earlier …and make sure you bring a camera!

I Can’t wait to go back already!

If you have visited The Grounds of Alexandria I would love to hear your thoughts, or if you have any questions let me know!

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Thank you for reading,

The Healthy Backpacker x

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