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Why Use It?

Honey is an ingredient that causes much discussion in the health industry, is it actually a healthy sweeter? Is it as bad for our health as sugar? In order to get the health benefits from honey, it is important that it is pure and raw. This way it contains vitamins, minerals and enzymes not present in refined honey. While honey does have high levels of fructose, it’s health benefits outweigh this, when used in moderation, including antibacterial and anti-fungal properties which are positive for our overall health. If you are keen for it’s antioxidant properties, choose a honey darker honey, as these tend to have higher antioxidant levels. Honey is a great alternative to refined sugars for baking, in hot drinks and in salad dressings. If you’re looking for a quick energy boost post or pre-workout, or for a natural remedy to soothe coughs and colds, honey could be your answer.

Top Tip: Make sure your honey is raw and unrefined – Check out my favourite healthy honeys by clicking on the left

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