How Much Does it Cost to Travel Indonesia?

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With over 13,000 islands, Indonesia certainly has something for everyone – from chilling on beaches and exploring rice fields to climbing volcanoes and finding Komodo dragons! Combine this diversity with inexpensive food, accommodation and transport, and it’s no surprise that Indonesia is a popular destination for so many travellers. But how much does it cost to travel Indonesia…? I have put together this guide to help you budget for your trip using my own experiences of travelling Indonesia – but remember everyones experiences are different.. I hope it helps! (Prices are in Indonesian Rupiah and converted to GBP)


How much does it cost to travel Indonesia

The cost of food across Indonesia is inexpensive but, of course, varies depending on the type of place you are eating. Local food is extremely cheap to buy, with Western food costing more. Alcohol prices varied a lot depending on the area, with wine in particular being expensive! Take a look at these 10 Amazing foods to try in Indonesia too! These are the average prices we paid during our trip:

Local street food: Less than 10,000 / £0.59
Meal at local warung: 20,000 / £1
Meal at restaurant with table service: 60,000 ( but you could pay up to 125,000 for western food) / £3.36 (up to £7)
Nice Meal for two with drinks in a restaurant: 200,000 – 300,000 / £11 – 16
Soft drink: 10,000 – 15,000 / £0.59 – £0.84
Glass of wine: Local 40,000 – Imported 100,000  / £2.24 – £5
Small beer:  15,000 – 25,000 / £0.84 -£1.40
Large beer:- 34,000 – 60,000 / £1.90 – £3.40
Cocktail: 45,000 – 100,000 / £2.49 – £5.50
Smoothie or juice: 20,000 – 60,000 / £1.10 – £3.40


How much does it cost to travel Indonesia

There is a huge range of accommodation available in Indonesia and there really is something for every travellers preference and every budget. Accommodation costs were slightly less outside of the main tourist hotspots, but not significantly. Every hotel or homestay we stayed in had free wifi and free breakfast included too which is a nice bonus. We booked all of our homestays and hotels through and our villas through Airbnb (I LOVE Airbnb <– that link gives you £30 off your first stay!) These are the average prices we paid for a two person room:

Homestay: 250,000 / £14
Hotel: 400,000 / £22
Private Villa: From 500,000 /£28


How much does it cost to travel Indonesia

You will not be short on activities in Indonesia – from water sports to cultural experiences and mountain hikes to dragon spotting! We managed to fill 6 weeks with amazing experiences, here are some of our favourites and how much we paid per person:

Paddle Boarding ( 2.5 hour board hire): 190,000 / £10
Surfing (1 hour board hire):  70,000 / £4
3 day, 2 night Rinjani hike with John’s Adventures: (all meals, transport and accommodation and guide): 3,500,000 / £192
3 day Lombok to Flores boat trip with Kencana Adventure: (all meals, transport, accommodation and activities): 5,000,000 / £283 (for both of us)
Scuba Dive with Scallywags on Gili T 510,000 / £28
Balinese dance show: 80,000 / £5
Temple entrance: 5,000 – 15,000 / £0.30 – £0.80
White water rafting: 150,000 / £9
Yoga Class: 100,000 / £5


How much does it cost to travel Indonesia

Transport is also really inexpensive in Indonesia and if you are travelling with others this makes it even cheaper! Generally speaking we hired scooters to explore the areas we were staying in, but used taxis when it was time to travel to a new area, – it’s not easy fitting two adults and two huge backpacks on a tiny scooter!

Taxi (half an hour trip): 150,000 / £8
Scooter Hire ( per day ): 70,000 / £4 (you usually get a further discount if you hire a scooter for more than a day)
Petrol to fill up Scooter: 16,000 / £0.90
Bicycle Hire (per day): 50,000 / £2.80
Ferry from Bali to Lombok/Gili Islands: (including pick up and drop off at accommodation) – 300,000 / £16
Ferry between the Gili Islands: 35,000 / £1.90
Internal flights (e.g from Flores to Bali – 1.5 hour flight): £80

Example Daily Spend

For a pretty average day of exploring a town or city, you might expect to pay something like this…

Accommodation –

Homestay including wifi and buffet breakfast:  250,000 / £14

Day Activity – 

Explore town and trip to beach…

Scooter hire: 70,000 / £4

Petrol: 16,000 / £0.90

Parking at beach: 5,000 / £0.60

Food and Drink – 

Snack: Fresh fruit – 10,000 / £0.56

Lunch: Meal in local warung e.g. Gado Gado – 25,000 / £1.40

Snack: Smoothie – 25,000 / 1.40

Dinner: Western Meal in restaurant : e.g Pasta  80,000 / £5

Drinks: 2 large Bintangs (beer) : 80,000 / £5

Evening Activity –

Balinese dance show: 80,000 / £5


TOTAL DAILY SPEND (If sharing a room and scooter): £28.11

Indonesia Travel Guide

I hope this post was useful in planning a trip to Indonesia, if you have any specific questions then let me know!

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Thanks for reading,

Nicki x

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