Climbing Mount Snowdon!

Climbing Mount Snowdon

A new challenge…

The month of September saw Tom beginning his weightloss transformation program, and me attempting a dryathlon, which as a self-confessed wine lover, seemed rather ambitious to me and those who know me! Anyway, naturally this meant our usual date nights and weekend activities needed to change. Tom and I have always loved going on dates, and after starting our prospective challenges at the start of September, we soon realised that the majority of the things we did together involved eating or drinking…. dinner dates, going on a drive to find the perfect picnic spot, out to cute pub lunches and of course spending evenings going out for drinks. So we decided to think outside the box and be more creative with our date nights and weekends together.

So one Thursday evening, Tom and I spontaneously decided that it would be a great idea to climb Mount Snowdon that weekend. As complete novices we were not well kitted out for this adventure, so the next evening we made a quick trip to Millets after work and came home well equiped with his and hers Berghaus hiking boots and the comfiest socks we could find! We prepared our breakfasts  in tupperware pots (overnight oats for me and bacon and eggs for Tom), filled our backpacks with plenty of snacks and extra layers for warmth and got a super early night!

At 4am our alarms went off and within half an hour we were on the road and excited for our trip! Four and a half hours later, we arrived at the start of the PYG trail, ready to take on Snowdon! Now I hadn’t done anything like this before, and when people say ‘climb’ Snowdon, I naively thought we would just have a bit of a long, hilly walk ahead of us. However,  this was not the case…the route was much more than I had anticipated and we were soon scrambling across the rocks, and very sweaty! But it was amazing!  The views the entire way up were breathtaking and we stopped at various points to sit and enjoy the surroundings, and refuel of course! We were particularly spoilt as it was a particularly clear day when we decided to go, so we had great visibility throughout the whole hike.

In just under three hours we had made it to the summit which was a great feeling. After posing for some photo opportunities, we enjoyed the view whilst enjoying our lunch. We packed chicken and veg for lunch which was a great way to reenergise before making our descent. It was freezing at the top too, so we were super glad to have packed some extra layers to wear. If you are planning a trip, make sure you pack layers to put on as you do not need them when climbing the mountain as its quite a workout,  but stopping makes you realise how cold it is up there!

We had planned to take the Miner’s track back down so that we could experience Snowdon in a different way, but somehow we managed to miss it! So it was back down the PYG trail for us! Which was not a problem as it was a great track to take. We made it back to the base, and waited for the bus to take us back to the car park we had parked in, which was a couple of miles down the road. If you want to park in the car park closest then you need to get there super early, we arrived at 9, and the car park was already full! It was time to embrace the four and a half journey back home, and at this point we wondered why we hadn’t decided to stay in Wales for the night (…next time!) We arrived home tired, had long baths and a cosy evening of watching TV, feeling like we had really achieved something that day!

 I hope this inspires you to climb Snowdon to, let me know how you get on by commenting below! This day made me super excited for all of the hikes we will go on when we are travelling the world, so please share your suggestions of any mountains and hikes you recommend for us!

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