I’m Loving… JULY

I’m writing this post simply to share with you all the things I’m loving this month (…maybe you’ll love them too!)


I am super loving planning our next trip – on 12th August we leave Sydney and head for a 6 week adventure to Indonesia! I’m Super excited because not only is Indonesia somewhere I’ve been wanting to travel to forever, but three of our friends are coming out for two weeks – so it will be amazing to see them! I always use the use the Lonely Planet Guides to plan – they are easy to read, with loads of relevant and useful info and the recommendations are always spot on! So far I’ve used their guides for New Zealand , Australia and Thailand and have never been disappointed! The (rough) agenda for Indo is currently… Bali (Ubud/Seminyak/Canggu/Uluwatu), Java for mount Bromo, Borneo for some Orangutan spotting, Gilli Islands, Lombok, Nusa Lembongan and Komodo Island – I am in the very early planning stages and I would completely love any suggestions people have – so please share them!


Being obsessed with nut butter isn’t new for me – if you know me personally you will know I go through tubs of almond butter like they are going out of fashion. But at the moment I’m loving the Pic’s Crunchy Peanut Butter that I found at the Naturally Good Health Expo last month – it’s not available everywhere yet, so now whenever I see it in the shops I have to buy it (and you can get it on Amazon but there’s no Amazon in Aus yet!) ! It’s super important to me that my peanut/almond butters do not have any added sugar, oils or preservatives and Pic’s does just that! Healthy and delicious!

{ My fav nut butter right now!)


I have just finished reading ‘The Goddess Revolution’ by Mel Wells and it was incredible! For anyone who has battled with food/diets/body image/all of the above then I SUPER HIGHLY recommend this book – really, really, really you should read it! It completly and utterly summed up some of the realisations and thoughts that I’ve been having since travelling. She talks about ditching the scales and diet labels, eating intuitively and self-love...but I won’t spoil it – GO READ IT and feel like a GODDESS! …Also she’s just a babe.

{ The Goddess Revolution <3 }


I am loving even just looking through the Hippie Lane Cookbook – the recipes are the most beautiful things ever!  But I am really loving making the recipes! The cookbook is full of plant based, mainly vegan meals, that are delicious, fun to make and healthy! This week I made the Raw rios (basically healthy Oreos!), Rawnola (raw granola…), scrambled tofu and the Acai Bowl (the picture at the top of this post!) and I have loved everyone of them – what’s more impressive is that Tom, (who is not a fan of vegan meals generally), loves me cooking from there too!

{ THE prettiest Cookbook }

5 – GREEN SMOOTHIES (the yummy kind…)

kind of obsessed with making green smoothies and my current go to is… 1 small banana, 1/4 avo, handful frozen spinach, a squeeze of honey, some almond milk and some coconut water… it makes a super creamy smoothie that’s packed with all the goodness and tastes just dreamy!

6 – #30dayveganchallenge

A couple of weeks ago I watched the Netflix documentary ‘What The Health’ and it opened my mind up to a whole new world that I really didn’t know much about at all. I was honestly shocked to hear about some of the issues discussed and the impact animal products can have on our health. I decided to give the #30dayveganchallenge a go and see how I felt at the end. Before starting the challenge I was already not eating meat,  so it’s not been too much of a transition – saying that, the thing I miss most is definitely eggs, as these were a huge staple of my diet! (Avo smash and poached eggs on sourdough is pretty much my Sunday summed up!) I’m about half way through now and one thing I have noticed is the positive impact it has had so far on my skin – I suffer from eczema on my face, and dairy always causes it to a flare up.  Anyway we will see at the end of the 30 days whether or not I carry on…

{ Vegan Dark Choc Brownie…Delish }

7 – F45 Classes!

Every morning Tom and go to the 6am class and I love it. Ok so I’m not going to say it’s easy, and that I love every minute of the class, but it’s making me feel great. What is really great is that you’re in and out in 45 minutes, and it’s really set you up for the day! I actually find on days I don’t make the class I am WAY less productive! We have been doing it for almost two months now and we both feel fitter,  way more mobile and exercise just makes me feel happier!

8 – Dark Chocolate…yes CHOCOLATE

I have never, ever been a chocolate person – I know it’s weird, but I really haven’t! Even as a kid I was always waaaay more into sweets than chocolate. BUT recently, completely out of nowhere, I have developed a love for DARK chocolate, the really, really rich, bitter, dark – 80-90% kinda stuff! Even better if it’s raspberry flavoured! So I’m embracing it – B A L A N C E!

9 – Ferries Over Buses!

Public transport in Sydney is AWESOME. Buses run regularly and ON TIME, there’s double decker trains so you ALWAYS get a seat. BUT the winner is the ferries! I love that instead of getting a crowded bus, I can hop on a ferry, casually pass by the Harbour Bridge and Opera House and arrive in the city! The sunset over the harbour really is an incredible view, that even two months after being here still amazes me…

{ View from the ferry }

10 – Winter in Sydney

Before coming to Sydney I really didn’t think that it rained in Australia, or that it even got cold!  But it does, it really does! There is no central heating so my morning always brings me a little struggle to jump out of the covers and the evenings you’ll always find me under a blanket and wearing AT LEAST two jumpers. But during the day it is absolutely, completely, beautifully glorious! The sky is so super blue, and often there’s not a cloud to be seen! No grey skies here – (it really does wonders for your mood!)

Thank you for reading! I would love to hear what you’re loving too, so let me know!

The Healthy Backpacker x

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